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What would you take with you to the Afterlife?


People save up for retirement, but how well do we prepare for the journey after? Ancient cultures put great emphasis on the afterlife, because they knew consciousness continued after death. They were right: Out-of-body experiences reveal we really do exist beyond the body. Knowing this truth should inspire us to seek …

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What Is the Most Calming Color for a Bedroom?


It’s no coincidence many bedrooms feature some shade of blue. Associated with calm skies and cool water, blue is a soothing, tranquil color that may lower blood pressure. Various tints, tones and shades of blue touch on different thoughts, moods and emotions. Blue is not the only choice for a …

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Moment a bucking horse crashes into a wall and dies


A bucking horse died in Fort Worth after smashing it’s head into a wall in front of a horrified rodeo crowd. Treasure of Patience, a nine-year-old horse, was bucking in the Stock Show when she slammed into a wall and immediately collapsed. The animal suffered a fatal spinal cord injury Sunday …

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Interesting things that are considered as beautiful in different countries


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