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Moment a bucking horse crashes into a wall and dies

A bucking horse died in Fort Worth after smashing it’s head into a wall in front of a horrified rodeo crowd.

Treasure of Patience, a nine-year-old horse, was bucking in the Stock Show when she slammed into a wall and immediately collapsed.

The animal suffered a fatal spinal cord injury Sunday night according to the .

Her rider climbed onto the wall as Treasure fell and was not injured.

In the devastating video, Treasure’s legs still twitch and appear to try to run as 10 rodeo workers rush to her aid.

The frantic crowd starts to murmur and the announcer comes on the loud speaker and says: ‘I want everybody to relax. The first, best medicine is prayer.’

Treasure crashed into the arena wall

She becomes motionless besides her twitching legs

The announcer said the horse would be taken to veterinary care

Treasure crashed into the arena wall. She becomes motionless besides her twitching legs

He tells the crowd the horse will be taken to veterinary care.

Then, the horse becomes motionless with only her tail occasionally twitching.

The rodeo workers remove the horse’s saddle to relax her.

Treasure is rolled onto a mat dragged behind a tractor and pulled out of the arena.

Bruce Weidner posted the video on Facebook.  He said: ‘You don’t normally think about the animals getting hurt.’

‘It’s always the riders getting hurt. It’s normally man against beast, and this time the beast lost.’

Another horse died under similar circumstances two weeks prior during a saddle bronc.

Jed Pugsley, the livestock program administrator for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association said animal deaths in rodeo competitions are ‘very, very rare.’ They typically occur at less than 0.0005 percent.

The horse's rider was able to avoid being crushed under her weight by jumping onto the wall 

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