Do you remember just last week when the world went click-crazy for Coby the cat — the white one with big, beautiful, blue eyes and a natural winged-eyeliner look? Well, it’s happened again, folks! The good people of the internet have spoken and want you to know: this cat is the next one to go viral!

His name is Gimo and once you see him, you’ll know why he’s won so many hearts. It’s quite obvious, no? It’s his big, bold eyes!

His eyes aren’t blue, but they sure are mesmerizing! They might even be bigger than Coby’s too…

…shall we take a look for ourselves?

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Here he is! The latest cat to take the internet into his paws! This, my friends, is Gimo.

He’s pretty cute, hey? 
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He has the most expressive face of any cat I’ve ever seen.

If your cat can top this, by all means, post a pic in the comments, please. 
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And of course, we can’t get away with talking about Gimo without mentioning his big, bold eyes!

They are his claim to fame, after all. 
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But Gimo’s not just popular for his good looks.

That would just be wrong. It’s 2016, after all… 
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