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What Is the Most Calming Color for a Bedroom?

It’s no coincidence many bedrooms feature some shade of blue. Associated with calm skies and cool water, blue is a soothing, tranquil color that may lower blood pressure. Various tints, tones and shades of blue touch on different thoughts, moods and emotions. Blue is not the only choice for a calming bedroom, as other colors may invoke a similar peaceful atmosphere.

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Soft blues and light blues — colors that reminisce of sunny skies — calm the mind and aid concentration. Pale blue appear to recede, making the room feel more open and spacious. Marine-inspired blues such as cobalt, aqua and turquoise bring to mind tranquil waters of oceans and lakes, inspiring feelings of cool, soothing relaxation. Watch the tone, as really bright or intense blues can be come dynamic and stimulating. Use gray to tone down the saturation, white to lighten it or choose a soothing blue-gray. Deeper shades of indigo symbolize mystical wisdom, insight, self-mastery and spiritual awakening.

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Green is the most restful color to the eye. As the most ubiquitous color in the natural world, it is the color of growth, fertility and renewal. Earthy, natural greens promote feelings of tranquility and refreshment, while pale green helps reduce stress. Being in the center of the visible spectrum and containing a mix of warm yellow and cool blue, green represents balance and harmony. For the most relaxing effect, stick with muted, pastel or light tints of green.

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Tinting one of the most high-energy hues with a substantial amount of white results in a color with a vastly different effect on mood. Unlike the stimulating root color of red, light pink has a soothing, calming effect on emotions. Pink evokes feelings of hope, tenderness and sensitivity. Pale pink may result in feelings of compassion and nurturing. However, it has a strong association with femininity and may feel emasculating to a male. In a shared master bedroom, use more sophisticated, neutral tones such as pink beige or champagne.

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Neutral colors in the bedroom are both timeless and comforting. White inspires purity, refreshing cleanliness and simplicity. Layer tone-on-tone shades of white, cream and ivory with contrasting accents in brown or black to keep the room from appearing sterile. Warm shades of gray provide a soothing background while allowing brighter accents in turquoise, yellow or coral to shine. Light gray may feel soft and serene, like a cloud. For a feeling of warmth and coziness, use layers of beige in latte, mocha, cream and caramel. Most importantly, choose colors that feel the most peaceful and relaxing to you, as color perception and mood varies from one person to the next.

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