Why Dark Skin Happens to Dialysis Patients


I have been on dialysis since 2010, I am 24 years of age, well my health has been good from dialysis. I go three times a week for four hours, but none of my doctors can give me a straight answer to my dark skin, they just tell me its …

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People Are Giving Stray Dogs A Warm Place To Stay During The Winter


PUBLICITÉ To say this winter has been cold is an understatement. The chilly winds are brutal and when the sun isn’t shining it makes everything feel worse. Lucky for us we get to seek refuge indoors where it’s warm and we can pile on the blankets and pour ourselves a …

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In 2 Terms, Barack Obama Had Fewer Scandals Than Donald Trump Has Had In The Last 2 Weeks

WASHINGTON ― Scandal has consumed the final four years of every two-term president in modern history ― George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon. Barack Obama’s administration is the exception. While there were some minor scandals and resignations during Obama’s eight years in office, wrongdoing never fully occupied …

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4 Real Tips to Spiritual Awakening from Awakened Teachers


I have heard the following story: “Three blind men are sitting around a table in a house where they were guests. They are discussing whether the fruit the host offered to them was grape, pear or peach. None of them has ever eaten or touched any of the three kinds of …

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Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges To Historic New Low Days Before Inauguration


America is not giving Donald Trump a warm welcome to the White House as a new poll found that Trump’s job approval rating has dropped seven points to 37% over the past month.   America is not giving Donald Trump a warm welcome to the White House as a new …

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Four Vets Told Her To Put Her Rescue Cat Down–But Today This Kitty’s SMOTHERED In Love!


Mimo didn’t have the easiest start in life.  Found as a kitten–abandoned by her mama and littermates—Mimo was first rescued by a human family who also quickly abandoned her.  Deciding they didn’t like her sassy “tortitude,” they threw her outside to fend for herself in the cold Canadian winter. MEET …

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14 “dangerous” dogs behind those “Beware Of Dog” signs


We’re always wary when encountering a “Beware of Dog” sign, cautious of a snarling and aggressive dog behind a thin fence. But some sings warn us of the opposite. Behind the fence sits a lovable furball that will snatch your heart at first sight and keep it forever. We’ve compiled a …

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If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy?


First, a history refresher: For the past nine years, a smattering of Americans, most recently led by our now president-elect, have insisted that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. For years, Donald Trump was unrelenting in his insistence that Obama prove beyond existing proof that he was born …

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7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop


No matter your level of conscious awareness or the level of spiritual awakening that you have attained, there will come a time on your spiritual journey where you know that you have made great progress and then suddenly… nothing. Everything stops. Positivity has flown out the window, prophetic visions and lucid …

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Cat only has 2 legs, but doesn’t let that stop him from being awesome


This kitty with two legs can do more than you’d think. And before you feel bad for him, don’t – this cute cat is too busy living and loving life to stand for your pity! This is Able, a rescue kitty who has no front legs, so he makes do …

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