Here Are 17 Dogs And Cats Who Are Trying Their Absolute Best


Pet owners dream of being able to train their cats and dogs, as if one day we’ll transform into the Dog Whisperer and our furry friends will listen to our every command. Short of realizing this reality, most of us just settle for hoping our sweet pets can control themselves every once in a while. …

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11 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You


Dogs have their own behavioral patterns and when it comes to communication their uniqueness really shines. They actually pick up on little signals from humans and respond accordingly. They express love in the cutest ways and when they need something they have their own way of letting you know. When …

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The 4 Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Which stage are you?


Are You Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening? When it comes to awakening spiritually, as is the case with most spiritual experiences, it is almost impossible to fully describe what it means with words. Because spiritual experiences are, according to their very nature not logical, or confined by the limitations of language. …

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The Walking Dead: Negan’s Origin Story Expanded


Skybound and Image Comics have been revealing Negan’s backstory in 4-page monthly increments since April. Originally, the Here’s Negan story which has revealed the villain’s pre-apocalypse lifestyle was planned to print 48-pages through 12 months of installments in the Image+ preview magazine. In the most recent issue of The Walking Dead …

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