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Four Vets Told Her To Put Her Rescue Cat Down–But Today This Kitty’s SMOTHERED In Love!

Mimo didn’t have the easiest start in life.  Found as a kitten–abandoned by her mama and littermates—Mimo was first rescued by a human family who also quickly abandoned her.  Deciding they didn’t like her sassy “tortitude,” they threw her outside to fend for herself in the cold Canadian winter.


Mimo was nearly frozen when a kind-hearted rescuer found her and brought her to a local shelter.  But when the stress of shelter living caused Mimo to develop severe allergies, the shelter staff decided to find her a foster home.

Priya, Mimo’s new foster mom, quickly fell in love with the feisty beauty.  But when she tried to get treatment for Mimo’s allergies, “Four vets recommended to put her down because the medication would complicate her health significantly and give her a very short life,” says Priya.

Even with this grim prognosis, however, Priya was head-over-heels for Mimo.  She decided to treat her anyway and hope for the best—and, once Mimo knew she was finally safe and loved, her stress-related allergies cleared up after only two months.Today, Mimo is medication free!


These days, Mimo lives her life smothered in love by her mom and younger bro-fur—a rescue tabby named Kirry.

“Kirry always cuddled with Mimo, right from the beginning. But, a few months later, he started cuddling with her ON TOP of her,” notes Priya.

Two years later, the bonded pair are still going strong.  Priya faithfully documents their snuggle-time on the duo’s Instagram page using the hashtag #mimosquish.

It just goes to show the difference that a little faith and lots of love can make in the life of a formerly “hopeless” rescue cat!


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