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14 “dangerous” dogs behind those “Beware Of Dog” signs

We’re always wary when encountering a “Beware of Dog” sign, cautious of a snarling and aggressive dog behind a thin fence. But some sings warn us of the opposite. Behind the fence sits a lovable furball that will snatch your heart at first sight and keep it forever.

We’ve compiled a list of furry beasts ready to take their next prey. Enter…if you dare.


Instead of bared teeth and angry eyes, this pup’s hanging tongue and fluffy ears are practically begging for a nice game of catch.


The only warning we see is not to mess up this pair’s perfectly groomed fur.


This puppy probably won’t bite or claw at you, but its fluffy cuteness might just make your heart burst.


This pooch is obviously guilty of chewing shoes…


These masterminds are exhausted of hiding evidence, so we’ll just take a few steps back.


“Beware! I’ll keep you as my best friend and never let you go!”


This pup is the definition of ferocious.


This dog is so notorious he gets his own warning mat.


We’re trembling at the mere sight of this furry beast.


Never judge a dog by its size. Small dogs are not to be underestimated.


This rottie pup is also small, but has yet to grow into its feistiness. “Beware of future beast” would make a more appropriate sign.


This adorable pooch just needs a friend. Then only risk you run is having your heart stolen.


If this dog can jump fences, we’ll definitely stay away. No to mention we’ll try and ignore that bloody handprint..


Clearly there’s not much to worry about if this napping pooch is neglecting its guard duties.

We hope you’ve survived your encounters with these dogs of danger.

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