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10 Spiritual Jesus Tattoo Ideas

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Almost every religion has recognized his teachings as wise and humble. For those wanting to tattoo Jesus on their body, here are a few suggestions.

1. Jesus Tattoo:

You could tattoo Jesus himself on your body. You could tattoo him as a symbol of hope and faith. You can also add colours to make it look realistic. If you want a full body tattoo you can do it on your back or torso. You could also consider tattooing your entire arm.

2. Crucified Jesus Tattoo:

Jesus was betrayed by one of his own apostle, Judas and crucified on a wooden cross. Tattooing Jesus being crucified is not symbolic of pain or suffering but of hope because Jesus was resurrected. The tattoo of a crucified Jesus portrays tolerance and faith.

3. Jesus’ Face Tatto:

You could tattoo Jesus’ face of your arms or back. This would be a representation of your belief and faith in the power of good. Jesus preached humility and tolerance and having his face inked on your body would remind you of all his teachings every day.

4. The Cross Tattoo:

You could have a cross tattooed on any part of the body to keep a part of Jesus with you. God resides in everyone and this tattoo would be a visible reminder of that whenever you lose faith or are on the verge of giving up.

5. Jesus Name Tattoo:

If you don’t want a very descriptive tattoo but want to keep a reminder of your faith with you, you could tattoo Jesus’ name on your hand. You could tattoo his name on your wrist like pop star Katy Perry did. You could also tattoo it in any colour you want.

6. An Outlined Fish Tattoo:

Legend goes that once Jesus fed over five thousand people with just five loaves and two fish. This is considered one of his miracles. You could tattoo an outline of a fish to remind you that miracles exist and that god helps everyone when they really need it.

7. Jesus & Fish Tattoo:

Along with a fish outline to represent the miracles of Jesus, you could also get his name tattooed. This would be a clear message and reminder of Jesus’ teachings and principles. It will also help you believe in the power of God when you feel let down or sceptical about his existence.

8. Mother Mary with Baby Jesus Tattoo:

You could tattoo mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. This will remind you of faith, hope and belief every day. You could have this tattoo on your back or torso and also add touches of colour to make it look realistic.

9. The letter ‘J’ Tattoo:

You could just have the letter ‘J’ tattooed on your hand. This will remind you of Jesus every day. This tattoo is very flexible as it can be inked on any part of your body and in any colour you want.

10. Jesus with a Halo Tattoo:

Jesus can be tattooed on your body with a halo around your head. This will remind you to keep faith in him and all his powers.

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