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20 Chic Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair

 Pixie Haircuts: Layered Short Hair :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Layered Short Hair

The short straight hairstyle looks simple, cool and sassy. The hair is cut shorter in the back, yet left a bit longer layers in the front and at the crown. The hair is carefully angled over the ears which create a free spirit.  The side sweeping bangs are a sliced-in fringe and sliced down the forehead neatly.

 Pixie Haircuts: Short Hair, Tumblr :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Short Hair, Tumblr

The cool short hairstyle with extra texture around the edges suits anoval face wonderfully. The long layered top keep it cool and modern.It’s a bit edgy, you are sure to turn heads with the chic short hairstyle.

 Pixie Haircuts: Awesome Short Hairstyle :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Awesome Short Hairstyle

This awesome short hairstyle looks cute, luscious and chic. The hair on top is a tad longer, which offers a mysterious volume and cool allure.The fabulous short hairstyle is suited for oval face shape. This hairstyle is effortless to create and maintain.

 Pixie Haircuts: Short Hairstyle with Longer Side Bangs :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Short Hairstyle with Longer Side Bangs

One side is trimmed shorter near the head while the other side is kept longer side bangs create an asymmetric look and feel. The short straight can freshen up your cool hairstyle. The softly razored ends enhance the edgy texture. It is a cool option for sporty and fashionable women.

 Pixie Haircuts: Very Cute Hairstyle for Short Hair :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Very Cute Hairstyle for Short Hair

The splendid short hairstyle features face framing layers and crafted textures which adds stylish factors to the ravishing shining short hairstyle. The front layers are kept longer and neat long bangs just fall down the forehead tenderly, which pair the gorgeous hairstyle greatly.

Pixie Haircuts: Modern Faux Hawk :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Modern Faux Hawk

The modern faux hawk looks, classic and. boyish. The side hair is shaven near the head, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair at the crown which add much texture to the stylish pixie hairstyle. To keep it in place longer, you can apply some strong hold hairspray, and spray underneath when backcombing. The crazy and interesting short hairstyle is sure to gain many head turns.

 Pixie Haircuts: Messy Short Hair Style :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Messy Short Hair Style

The smooth short hairstyle charmingly frames Rita Moreno’s jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides The various layers are graduated and the nape area is kept longer to add volume and shape to the superb cool short hairstyle. The short length hairstyle enhances her long face charmingly. Some hairspray and some mousse can help keep it in place for a longer period. If you want a fresh and cool look, the short choppy hairstyle can be your ideal option.

 Pixie Haircuts: Trendy Hair Color :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Trendy Hair Color

The short hairstyle features chic hair tones and crafted textures that make the splendid hairstyle eye-catching and trendy. The skillful and gorgeous layers make the cool hairstyle full of roundness and sophistication. Some smooth textures below the ears create the  luscious  hairstyle a perfect oval silhouette. The long neat bangs add some mystery and pair the smooth hairstyle wonderfully.

 Pixie Haircuts: Asymmetry Short Hair :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Asymmetry Short Hair

The cool and interesting asymmetry in the short hairstyle is really drastic and stylish. One side is trimmed short while on the other side it transitions into a long angled shot hairstyle. The awesome long blunt side swept bangs bring emphasis to the big eyes. This charming and cool pixie hairstyle can be more stylish for people with straight hair.

 Pixie Haircuts: Side Hair :Source

2014 Pixie Haircuts: Side Hair

One side hair is shaved and the back and the other side is kept loose and longer.  This fabulous trendy short hairstyle is certain to earn admiring glances.The asymmetrical hairstyle works greatly on any hair texture.

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